Foods & Drinks

Sapa is becoming increasingly attractive to young people because this place is an ideal destination to admire the beautiful natural scenery and also for coffee lovers with beautiful view shops.

As for food, Sapa knows just what to serve up in the chilly weather.

Nowadays, Phu Quoc is referred as a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. The island is well known for its beautiful beaches and modern resorts. Besides, cuisine is also a charm of this island. The food on Phu Quoc is heavily influenced by the bountiful harvest of fresh seafood, herbs and vegetable that is fresh, simple yet utterly deliciously refreshing.

Lychee martinis have been hitting the scene for a few years now and remain a pretty popular beverage, but there is definitely more to the lychee than meets the eye

The longan fruit (organic title euphoria langana), also referred to as Euphoria fruit, is really a aromatic, delicious and also fairly sweet fresh fruit, which is simple to consume.

The skin of the pig is sliced into small strands about 3cm long, and is then mixed with fresh meat, pepper and salt. What is so special about this dish is that it is not cooked by heat, but by the natural yeast of the meat.

Hotels & Resorts

A crenellated vision in white set high on a granite knoll with far-reaching views, this is no ordinary palace hotel. It’s a glamorous, modish retreat and a refreshing change from the dark claustrophobic interiors of traditional Rajasthani fort-palaces.

The Oberoi Gurgaon is luxe-business heaven. Its lobby and largest restaurant are contained in a glass box, divided by strips of shimmering steel, overlooking a royal-blue lake-large pool and pea-green living wall.

Set on a hillside overlooking Sri Lanka’s largest natural lake, Tri’s 11 suites offer real tranquility spread out amidst a garden of banyan trees and frangipani.

Hotelier Ian Schrager has once again conjured a stylish, buzzy hotspot in which the beautiful people eat, drink, dance…and work on their laptops. The rooftop bar, with its 360-degree views over the city, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant are not to be missed.

Kandima was a late-comer to the Maldivian tourist market and is markedly different to the classic honeymooner resorts.

Staying at a homestay run by a local family is always a refreshing experience for tourists. In Sapa, you have plenty of options for lodging where you can surround yourself with nature and immerse yourself fully into the local culture.

Places to go

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world with a handful of experiences that mainstream tourists have yet to find. Unique, unusual, undiscovered: Bangkok’s got it covered.


Fried chicken is one of the most popular dishes in South Korea that are favored by all ages of Korean. Tourists can easily find a fried chicken shop in Korean streets.

Things to go

In daytime, Sapa is beautiful with natural scenery of forests and mountains; its night scenery is also extremely gorgeous. The mountainous city is lit up with attractive, colorful light which creates an extraordinary fanciful sight.

Participating in festivals and events when travelling a country is the best way to understand more about culture and traditions of that place. In Korea, a festival is always characterised by elaborate dress, bright and dazzling colours, music, dancing, food and high spirits. Tourists can enjoy a distinctive Korea when they come to South Korean festivals.

Tugging is a longstanding and popular form of community activity in rice farming cultures in East Asia and Southeast Asia, typically the Republic of Korea, Cambodia, Philippines and Viet Nam.

Then singing, also called Lau Then, isa traditional kind of ritual singing of the Nung. Then singing reflects the Nung’s religious life as well as their cultural values.
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For the spiritual destination in the world, Shweizigon Paya is a good place to go....