Best coffee shops to admire beautiful landscape in Sapa


Sapa is becoming increasingly attractive to young people because this place is an ideal destination to admire the beautiful natural scenery and also for coffee lovers with beautiful view shops. Check out the best coffee shops for tourists when traveling in Sapa.

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The Haven Sapa camp site

The name Sapa Haven is certainly the name of a nice cafe in Sapa too familiar to young people frequented this misty land. Located in the most favorable location of blind land, most visitors to Sapa are here to relax after long stretches of long trips.

There are many reasons for you to love this coffee shop, because of the staircase of high stone stairs , wooden hut  looking down the field below or the railing, the view on the hill, you can  raise your hands to feel as it is lightly touch the clouds …. All  of these amazing sceneries will attract  you  from the first look.

Viet Emotion via Kenh14

Viet Emotion

Viet Emotion is a beautiful cafe in Sapa, small town in the heart of the city that makes people love the space and sweet of the lovely gift baskets outside. Inside, the bar is decorated in warm colors, extremely cozy. The highlight of the restaurant, the main difference is the color lanterns hanging around the restaurant.

The space in Viet Emotion makes it easy for people to have light, passionate emotions. An ideal destination for young people who prefer quietness and always want to hear the sound of life.

Fansipan Terrace

The lovely Fansipan Terrace on Fansipan Road, located in a beautiful location just 700m from the town. Very close and easy to find. Fansipan Terrace with simple layout and layout creates a quiet  space. An extremely romantic place for young couples when traveling to Sapa.

Fansipan Terrace via

In the space of the shop , you will see the mountain ranges that hiding in the middle of them is cloud. The special thing is the gentle and peaceful peace in the heart of Sapa town is always bustling  all night and day. This is also the good thing to know how it is attractive. When traveling Sapa, you should try it once. Fansipan Terrace drinks are quite good value.

Le Gecko

This is also another shop you should check-in from the beginning when just set foot in this lovely land! Le Gecko, like Fansipan Terrace, has a prime location in the center of the town, and very close to the church. Save this name in your list of beautiful cafe in Sapa.

Customers introduce to each other as a good place to visit Sapa, because there are lots of the beautiful and super nice space with wood and flowers basket outside. Le Gecko is also famous for delicious coffee and the best thing is Le Gecko will make you fall in love with a black iron spiral staircase overlooking the turquoise, balcony overlooking the stone church and Xuan Vien flower garden!

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