Things to do at night in Sapa


In daytime, Sapa is beautiful with natural scenery of forests and mountains; its night scenery is also extremely gorgeous. The mountainous city is lit up with attractive, colorful light which creates an extraordinary fanciful sight.

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Night Festival

There are not so many night festivals in Sapa but annually in mid-fall there will be flower garlands and colored lanterns hung in the Mid-Fall Night Festival. Participating in Sapa’s Mid-Fall Festival, you will wallow in thousands of vivid and colorful lanterns with various shapes and sizes. Especially, the splendid lantern parade will go around in all central streets and it will definitely bring you an exciting and romantic culture feast.

Night Snack Market

This is actually the Cuisine Market in Sapa with the grilled skewered food. This is very popular at night since tourists or the local people usually wander around the street and drop by these small food stalls on the side to enjoy some delicious skewers, especially in the winter. The light from hundreds of small bulbs in the food kiosks along with cloth roof, plastic tables and chairs is enough to bring up the heart warming atmosphere in the cold night.

Sapa night market via Adam Sapa

Street Wandering and Sightseeing

Only by going a little bit farther to Cau May, you can feel the wilderness of each line of trees and this Northwest mountain area. The whistling wind and the cold fog are the only things going through your ears at that moment. Sometimes, you will catch sight of some lovers hand in hand walking along the streets, talking, cuddling and kissing. If you take the trip with your beloved one, do not forget to make use of Sapa’s romantic night to have some unforgettable moments!


Going to bars or pubs at night is one of the most favorable activities in Sapa. Usually, bars will open in the evening until 1:00 am the following morning (some close sooner though). Tourists, especially foreign travelers, are always in favor of bars and enjoy getting there most of the time. Partly because the unique atmosphere of Sapa’s bars that attracts every visitor both domestic and international.  Not crowded, noisy, flashy or luxurious, the peaceful and friendly aura from these bars is enough to lure the customers in.

Here are some famous night bars in Sapa:

Bamboo Bar

This is the biggest bar in Sapa. Bamboo bar attracts a lot of tourists from all over the place. It also serves with special dancing and music performances of ethnic minority tribes in the region. Bamboo bar easily leaves the impression as a unique and eye-catching decorated bar among the tourists.

Address: #18 Mường Hoa Street, Sapa, Lào Cai (Sapa Bamboo Hotel)

Opening hours: 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm (every Friday and Saturday)

The Hill Station via tour du lich Sapa

Bebop Bar

Located on Cầu Mây Street, Bebop bar is a quite special bar in Sapa that looks like a café more than a bar. Not crowded and flashy, Bebop is an unbelievably quiet and mild bar. Bebop bar has two floors, a billiard table and a special area for music performance. You can play impromptu a piece of music with any instrument there. The second floor is a perfect space for a deeper and more profound sensation with a balcony looking down the street. Get a hot cup of coffee and the taste of the town’s impression will mix in your every single sip.

H’Mong Sisters Bar and Game

Foreign visitors enjoy visit here at night for the nice and cozy atmosphere that is suitable for relaxation.

Address: #31 Mường Hoa Valley, Sapa, Lào Cai

Opening hours: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am

The Hill Station Deli & Boutique

The Hill Station was the symbol of an ever lasting love and the admiration for the area once called the Tonkinese Alps. Lying on Mường Hoa Street, The Hill Station is a common place for strangers, visitors and solo travelers on their way. It is also a combination of both elegant traditional feature and the simple Western texture.

Adress: #7 Mường Hoa Street, Sapa, Lào Cai

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